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Kiira skips Finlandia Trophy

According to Helsingin Sanomat, Kiira will skip Finlandia Trophy because of injury. She hurt her metatarsus during a training camp in Canada last summer. Latest news is that Kiira will start her season in NHK Trophy on 11-13 November 2011. Minna Parviainen will substitute Kiira in Finlandia Trophy.

Happy 23rd Birthday, Kiira!

It’s 26th September 2011 today… Yes!

The whole community wishes

Happy Birthday to Kiira!!

Hope this coming season a fruitful and delightful one!


Kiira will skip Japan Open 2011

According to a Finnish journalist, Kiira will skip Japan Open 2011 due to leg pain.

The injury seemed not serious at all but they decided to skip the competition just to be safe.

No information on the official site of Japan Open yet.

She will start her season at Finlandia Trophy which will be held in 7-9 October at Vantaa, Finland.

Get well soon, Kiira!