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Incoming season

Due to last season, completely skipped because of her injury, Kiira won’t take part in next ISU Grand Prix events:

So, probably she’ll select some of new “ISU Challenger Series“: 11 competitions to get more points for ranking (but only for best 5 classified!), and in addition winners can substitute some skater who’d miss a Grand Prix’s event. It’s allowed a maximum of three, and there’s a money award not so insignificant as well.
But, at the moment, didn’t have been too many entries for these Series, so ISU decided to reduce the required number, from 15 to 8. First three competitions will be held in September:

USA –  International Figure Skating Classic, Salt Lake City (from 10/09 to 14/09)
Italy – Lombardia Trophy, Sesto San Giovanni, Milan (from 18/09 to 21/09)
Germany – Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf (from 25/09 to 27/09)

Which one of these will be chosen by Kiira for coming back?