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What expecting from Worlds?

Kiira’s away from World Championships since 2011, Moscow’s edition: moreover, also this year’s European Championships have been just a limited showcase of Kiira’s actual numbers, because of a stomach flu which stopped her from taking part in Free Skating in Stockholm. So, what do we have to expect from competition starting this week (apart from Tuktamysheva’s Triple Axel)?
Considering premises, riaffirmed by Kiira herself during a press conference before leaving to China, whereby she wasn’t able to suitably perform some Triple-Triple combos, in addition to Triple Lutz, due to physical upsets, I think the gap about some technical skills especially compared to russian athletes probably gonna be suffered: Components, that is grace, style and step sequences which all along represent her strength, I fear couldn’t be enough to compete for podium, and of course we have to evaluate some special care about Asiatic athletes from judges. It seems there aren’t any kind of problems regarding physical shape: specific training choosed by Kiira and her coach Avila de Borba after the Achilles injury, more similar – by her own admission – to a dancer than a skater, avoided further risks, without apparently threatening her muscle tone; but this competition turns up after only three events in this season (really two and half… Golden Spin, Nationals and Euros), few dates on her back to establish a reliable comparison between her skating and the rivals one, and only three whole weeks of practise in Oberstdorf.
So, which may be the targets? Above all, a placement within first ten, getting one more slot for Finland at Worlds next edition; moreover, an improvement, or almost an approach, to better PB in career, with a view to incoming season’s news planned by Kiira, regarding both programs and music as well.

C’mon Kiira, just do it!

(Kiira will skate SP at 11.43, Shanghai time)