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Kiira leaves competitions!

Today, in a press conference, Kiira has announced her retirement from competitions.
A visibly moved Kiira met this morning with journalists to explain the reasons that led her to abandon sports competitions.
She explained that during the summer had no physical problems, but the reasons for continuing to work full-time on the ice go missing. The decision to retire would mature in late July; she recalled the numerous injuries suffered in recent years noting that, while feeling good at the moment, the physical problems would probably have begun to peep continuing in the competition season.
Kiira has however announced that she have no intention of abandoning the world of skating: in the near future, she will dedicate to ice shows and, in this regard, said to have already received several invitations. At the time, the first output should be at the opening ceremony of the Finlandia Trophy scheduled for early October, but it is possible that in while can present other opportunities.
She also added still hasn’t long-term programs, but to be about to begin studies to become a pilates instructor. Moreover, in the summer, she will work as a trainer at one of the Finnish camp.
Obviously, there have been thanking everyone who supported during the racing career. A first mention went to the various coaches and choreographers with whom she could work over time, to follow it happened to the family, sponsors and fans. Visibly excited and moved said: “Mine are tears of joy.”

Well… today, skating is a little bit poorer.
Best wishes for your new life, Kiira.
Tsemppiä uuteen elämään.
Auguri per la tua nuova vita.