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New York

Worlds: the queen is Medvedeva


  Pl. Name Nation TSS TES PCS SS TR PE CO IN
1 Evgenia MEDVEDEVA RUS 154.40 78.27 76.13 9.43 9.25 9.68 9.54 9.68
2 Kaetlyn OSMOND CAN 142.15 70.21 71.94 8.93 8.68 9.14 9.00 9.21
3 Gabrielle DALEMAN CAN 141.33 71.73 69.60 8.71 8.32 9.00 8.68 8.79
4 Mai MIHARA JPN 138.29 74.40 63.89 8.18 7.46 8.29 8.00 8.00
5 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 130.50 59.47 71.03 8.82 8.68 8.71 9.00 9.18

After a few bigger mistakes and many minor flaws in the ladies’ free skate, the last three ladies offered extraordinary programs. It started with the reigning champion Evgenia Medvedeva. “Miss Perfection” has shone once again: her routine to the soundtrack of “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” touched even the hearts of those who’ve never been particular fans. It was uplifting to witness this program live and see how Evgenia herself got taken by the emotions of this story. She once again broke her own world record, for the free skating and also for the total score. The crowd was still screaming and clapping for Medvedeva, when Gabrielle Daleman took the ice, but the Canadian, full of energy, didn’t let it affect her in any way. She delivered a fierce program and she earned a bronze medal. “It was very easy skating after such a brilliant skater, because she is the best in the world and a brilliant skater, and I know I’m a brilliant skater, too,” Gabriella said still in euphoria.
The silver went to her compatriot Kaetlyn Osmond, who skated last, but dealt with the pressure incredibly well. Or, to be more precise, it may not have been a pressure for her at all. “I could never have been able to imagine closing the world championships competition for the ladies. I love skating last, it’s my most favorite position, and I’m so glad that I was able to deal with it,” Osmond commented on her performance.
“I have a goal and I keep it to myself,” Anna Pogorilaya said after the ladies’ short program. Fourth in the short, she had a great shot at the podium. However, all her dreams were washed away by a total meltdown in the free skate. It started with a popped Lutz, continued with a fall on the flip, there was a flawed landing on the triple Lutz – triple toe combination, and a nasty fall on the second triple loop. After this jump it seemed Anna was totally exhausted and would never get up from the ice. In the end she finished her program, but she was sobbing heartrendingly. It seemed she was also in physical pain, although she tried to smile a little in the kiss and cry. Fans expressed their sympathy with applause – you never want a skater to finish a season like this. This will hurt for a long time.