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Our plea to Kiira

Within the old official website, Kiira was writing some personal thoughts monthly: impressions, feelings about her mood, physical shape, future programs… though we’re talking about few lines only, that was a simply and nice way to keep in touch with fans all over the world.

So… why don’t try to restore these good and old habits?

Time shouldn’t be hard master anymore, now… well, we’d wanna call upon Kiira with this plea, we could create her an appropriate own account, so she could write here every now and then, everything she wants, whenever she wants, like did in the past. Something with real time effect, like shows she was (or she’ll be) part of, travels, unexpected events, future plans… less cold and impersonal than the official website (automatically and poorly updated with some pic, and that’s all…), while we always poured out all of considerations, thoughts, ideas, opinions here, throughout the years, with no other aim but our passion for the skater… and the person.

Would be nice.

Update: So, at the moment, no response at all.
Even a negative feedback would be appreciate.
Oh, and meanwhile…

Many wishes, and all of luck for your future life, Kiira & Arthur!