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“Queen of ice”

Queen of ice“, a documentary telling the story of the famous Norwegian skater and actress Sonja Henie, will be filmed at Dunarea skating rink in Galati, a city in Eastern Romania, between September 4 and September 13, directed by Anne Sewitskyn. The main character will be Ine Marie Wilmann, who will act the part of Sonja Henie; Kiira is going to take her place for skating scenes, and Anna Pushkova and Susanne Lidholm Torgersen will be coaching Ine for the movie.

Kiira will feature choreos & moves strictly in the Henie era style; some bits are copied straight from Henie’s old programs; she’s been practicing for this since early May. The process has challenged her preconceptions about Henie era skaters’ skill level: previously, she’d watch some Youtube videos and thought it’d be a piece of cake for her but actually getting up on the toe picks, doing the Henie era twirls & turns etc. turned out to be not that easy.
The equipment is different, too (the skates are “like wilted tulips”): Henie’s boots reached high up in the shin and didn’t support the ankle the same way modern ankle-length sturdy boots do. Kiira had custom boots made in USA that weren’t “socks” like Henie era boots, but more like a compromise between the old and new.
Kiira was chosen for the project because she has previous experience in front of the camera and she kinda looks like Ine Wilmann (Kiira is only 2 cm shorter and 3 years younger).

There will be other skaters in the movie besides Korpi: 6 male skaters, a “choir” of 10 female skaters, and Team Surprise (six-time World champions in synchro skating). They’ll be practicing in Gothenburg, Sweden next week before the shooting starts in Romania. Kiira will also be doing pairs stunts in the movie; she sais she’s been practicing lifts. Matti Landgraf will be Kiira’s partner for pairs stunts in the movie. The choreographer is Catarina Lindgren; it was her and husband Tom Dickson who originally contacted Kiira about the movie role.
There will be five weeks of shooting in Romania; premiere of the film should be in December 2018.