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[NHK Trophy] Kiira’s 5th after SP

Kiira’s got a 52,60 score after her SP: she’s 5th in the ranking at the moment, quite close to first, Carolina Kostner.

Here is the results:

Pl. Name Nation TSS
1 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 57.27 27.52 29.75 7.50 7.11 7.46 7.54 7.57 0.00 #11
2 Kanako MURAKAMI JPN 56.10 29.81 26.29 6.61 6.18 6.79 6.61 6.68 0.00 #6
3 Rachael FLATT USA 53.69 28.29 25.40 6.50 6.07 6.36 6.39 6.43 0.00 #9
4 Ashley WAGNER USA 52.93 27.34 25.59 6.50 6.14 6.43 6.43 6.50 0.00 #5
5 Kiira KORPI FIN 52.60 23.89 28.71 7.18 6.86 7.29 7.18 7.39 0.00 #10
6 Caroline ZHANG USA 50.71 25.93 24.78 6.36 6.04 6.18 6.29 6.11 0.00 #8
7 Jenna MCCORKELL GBR 49.07 26.36 22.71 5.96 5.25 5.82 5.64 5.71 0.00 #4
8 Mao ASADA JPN 47.95 20.00 28.95 7.57 6.96 7.07 7.32 7.25 1.00 #12
9 Elene GEDEVANISHVILI GEO 44.51 18.65 25.86 6.61 6.00 6.54 6.54 6.64 0.00 #7
10 Viktoria HELGESSON SWE 43.66 21.49 23.17 5.89 5.54 5.86 5.79 5.89 1.00 #3
11 Lena MARROCCO FRA 41.67 22.99 19.68 5.18 4.64 5.00 4.96 4.82 1.00 #1
12 Diane SZMIETT CAN 31.90 14.04 18.86 5.14 4.50 4.61 4.79 4.54 1.00 #2

Not a perfect performance, she’s been punished by Technical Elements: and she’s not new to this, unfortunately.

And here is the starting order for FS:
Kiira will skate 2nd in the 2nd Group.

Waiting for tomorrow, come on Kiira!

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Kiira and Puma continuing their co-operation

PUMA Complete Running © 2010 Puma

PUMA Complete Running © 2010 Puma

Puma will continue as Kiira’s sponsor, and Kiira will be the cover of Puma’s new “PUMA Complete Running” -collection as stated in a press release by Puma.

In the press release Kiira praises Puma’s gear and says that they have proved to work well during exercise. She also says that the last season was a positive experience from the ill health 2008-2009 season, and the highlight of the season was of course the Vancouver Olympics. Still a lot of things to improve and the summer will indeed be a busy one. Both of the programs are going to be renewed with a new choreography.

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Official blog updated with English posts

The official blog has been updated with English translations of the previous four posts, and also features a new front page picture.

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Updated Kiira's official website

New Finnish blog post

Kiira added a new blog post to the official web site. There she talks about the last couple of competitions and the next one at China. The blog post is only in Finnish, and still there is no sign of English versions of the previous ones. But you can read a machine translated version here.

Updates on the official site

There is a new Finnish blog entry (still waiting the previous entry in English, in the meantime here is a machine translation) on the official site at regarding the outcome of the Nebelhorn Trophy and four five new pictures from the Nebelhorn Trophy.

New article in Terveystalo magazine

Terveystalo magazine coverToday published magazine called Terveystalo includes an article of Kiira where the last season’s health issues are discussed.

Terveystalo is a magazine for customers of health services company called Terveystalo.