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After Sheffield: lights and shades

Better performance of the season, best result in career (as well as TEB, in my opinion), two spots confirmed for Finland at next Euros. So, everything’s alright?

Well, I think not. Terribly too important, too severe, too heavy that misunderstanding with triple loop: Kiira really took the risk losing her silver medal (damn, probably every medal!), presenting, as a matter of fact, a FS with eleven elements only, and leaving behind about five-six points which wouldn’t have changed in better her ranking (luckily) in this competition, but which could relegate her even at fourth final place. Besides, without it is almost sure she would have got her new PB (breaking 170 points), and her best in FS (more than 110 points): and that’s saying a lot! Even within a performance in which, as usual, she argued with Flip (as rightly affirmed by Anna in the past, Kiira hardly ever had a “wrong edge” call: in Sheffield, she fell out even of this good habit…), and with very high Components as always, well then, Technical Elements Score has been torn down by such a stupid error.

That’s true, in new Judging System rules have become perhaps too many to remember, but it seems really difficult to believe that either Maaret, or Susanna became aware of such an incredible boob… and what about Finnish Federation? And even Shae-Lynn, or Maurizio Margaglio? Honestly, since Kiira didn’t run into this kind of mistakes neither in this season nor in the past, the thought coming to my mind is that during her performance she was a little bit confused, maybe thinking again about previous errors… who can say. Sure, “all’s well that ends well”, but…

Anyway, after a so hard season’s beginning, with so many physical problems, a great, great result indeed, who surely give her spirit and strength, with a view to Worlds in Nice: and this city brings back to Kiira’s mind many sweet memories…

At last, here’s a summary of Kiira’s performances in this season:

SP EXECUTED ELEMENTS Base Value NHK Cup of Russia Nationals Euros
2T+3T< 4.20 3.10
3T+3T< 7.00 4.90
3T+2T 5.40 5.90
3T+3T 8.20 8.90
3Lo 5.10 6.00 4.40 5.90
3Lo< 3.60 2.90
FSSp4 3.00 3.79 3.93 4.00 3.93
1A 1.10 0.50 0.50
2A 3.30 3.87 4.01
LSp3 2.40 2.76 2.83 3.19
LSp4 2.70 3.56
SlSt2 2.60 3.17
SlSt3 3.30 4.09 4.09 4.13
CCoSp4 3.50 4.07 4.36 4.36 4.29
PROGRAM COMPONENTS Factor/Average S c o r e s
Skating Skills 0.80 / 7.46 7.46 7.54 7.50 7.57
Transitions 0.80 / 7.14 7.14 7.18 7.07 7.14
Performance / Execution 0.80 / 7.25 7.25 7.39 7.39 7.75
Choreography 0.80 / 7.39 7.39 7.54 7.71 7.64
Interpretation 0.80 / 7.50 7.50 7.61 7.75 7.93
FS EXECUTED ELEMENTS Base Value NHK Cup of Russia Nationals Euros
3T+2T 5.40 5.20
3T+3T 8.20 7.70
2T+2T 2.60 2.60
2T 1.30 1.21
2S<< 0.40 0.11
2A+2T 4.60 5.03
FSSp1 2.00 2.86
FSSp4 3.00 3.71 3.79 3.79
2Lo 1.98x 2.11
ChSp1 2.00 3.10 3.10 3.30 2.90
2F 1.80 1.03
3S 4.20 4.80 2.80 3.40
3F 5.30 4.60
3S+2T 6.05x 6.25
2S+2T 2.86x 2.89 2.86 2.95
3Lo+2T+2Lo 9.02x 9.52 9.52
3Lo<+2T+2Lo 7.37x 6.67
2Lo+2T+2Lo 5.39x 5.56
3Lo 5.61x 5.61 5.91
SlSt3 3.30 4.09 3.94 4.30 3.80
2A 3.30 3.80
2A 3.63x 3.77 4.20 4.20 3.70
LSp3 2.40 2.83 3.26 2.90
LSp4 2.70 2.99
CCoSp3 3.00 3.93
CCoSp4 3.50 4.21 4.29 4.14
PROGRAM COMPONENTS Factor/Average S c o r e s
Skating Skills 1.60 / 7.14 7.14 7.39 7.68 7.32
Transitions 1.60 / 7.00 7.00 7.11 7.36 7.07
Performance / Execution 1.60 / 7.11 7.11 7.32 7.64 7.43
Choreography 1.60 / 7.39 7.39 7.39 8.14 7.43
Interpretation 1.60 / 7.36 7.36 7.43 7.96 7.54

[Euros 2011] Kiira is ready to go!

Kiira Korpi in practice at Euros 2011 / photo © Kari Kuukka

According to her manager and a journalist, Kiira arrived in Bern, Switzerland

on Wednesday and Kiira skated very well during practice!

Also Kiira tweeted about it on twitter.

Now, the time has come!

Go for it, Kiira!

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Kiira Korpi in Finlandia Trophy 2010 / Photo (c) Kari Kuukka #just read QR code above with your mobile

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At the same day as we unveiled our new site, the new official site at has been published today.


Kiira Korpi's new official site -

It features a Twitter feed, new photo and video gallery and a events calendar. There is also a mood meter which Kiira says she update with her phone during competitions and upload photos!

We hope everyone likes the both new sites, these are a great way to cheer Kiira for the new season! Everything is renewed now!

We have a new site!

Welcome to a brand new site!

We have moved our site to Finland, which should provide much faster browsing experience for most of our visitors. Also the login and commenting problems should be a thing from the past now! If you have still problems, contact as at

You can now find all articles from all of the different versions of this site from the archives! That is 435 blog posts from as far as February 2006! Happy reading and nostalgic feelings! There are some unreadable text in the articles because of Japanese characters, but you can just skip that text.

– Your admins.

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The official blog has been updated with English translations of the previous four posts, and also features a new front page picture.

The new blog posts should be visible here automatically on the right sidebar.

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New Finnish blog post

Kiira added a new blog post to the official web site. There she talks about the last couple of competitions and the next one at China. The blog post is only in Finnish, and still there is no sign of English versions of the previous ones. But you can read a machine translated version here.

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There is a new Finnish blog entry (still waiting the previous entry in English, in the meantime here is a machine translation) on the official site at regarding the outcome of the Nebelhorn Trophy and four five new pictures from the Nebelhorn Trophy.

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Kiira has started writing her blog for this season. First with the Finnish version, and the English version should come soon also.