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Kiira will skip European Championships!

Due to an infection in left leg’s achilles after Christmas, Kiira is still not able to skate, and have not been able to skate for 2½ weeks. The infection is already healing, but she and her coaches have already made the decision not to take part in the Europeans. It would not be wise to skate there without no practice at all. Now it is best to concentrate on treatment and physiotherapy, and the target is already the Worlds next March in Canada.

Her place in the Europeans this year will be taken by Alisa Mikonsaari. Finland’s another skater for ladies is Juulia Turkkila.

Source: Finnish Figure Skating Association press release.

As reported today in Finnish newspapers:


Finlandia Trophy 2012


The 17th Finlandia Trophy will take place at Barona Areena in Espoo, from October 5 to 7 2012: entries are still not defined, but Kiira is on the official poster…

“Koska olen tyttö – Because I’m a girl”

As for the last year, this evening Kiira will take part on the show from Barona Areena in Espoo:

The Gala will be broadcasted by MTV3 on Saturday 21/04, at 19.30 (finnish time).

Finnish Nationals 2012

From 16th to 18th of December, in Tampere, will be hold Finnish Championships: the ice rink chosen for this competition will be the Tampere Ice Hall, also called “Hakametsä”, which is the usual training rink of Kiira.
SP is scheduled for Saturday 17/12, and FS for Sunday 18/12.

Of course, without the presence of Laura, won’t be a problem for Kiira being Finland’s Champion for the third time in career: besides, never so close to home…

Kiira skips Finlandia Trophy

According to Helsingin Sanomat, Kiira will skip Finlandia Trophy because of injury. She hurt her metatarsus during a training camp in Canada last summer. Latest news is that Kiira will start her season in NHK Trophy on 11-13 November 2011. Minna Parviainen will substitute Kiira in Finlandia Trophy.

Kiira on Japanese NHK TV programs

Kiira is frequently appearing on promotional videos for “Nordic Special” TV programs by NHK, Japanese public broadcasting organization – as you know, one of organizers of NHK Trophy (the other organizer is Japan Skating Federation).

In the videos, Kiira says “shi-a-wa-se” which means “Happiness” in Japanese.

“Nordic Special – from countries of happiness -” programs will be started from Sat, 23 to Sun, 31 July and they will introduce the charms of 5 Nordic countries with 70 programs for 80 hours.


Yesterday, I found a really huge poster of Kiira at Shinjuku station in Tokyo! Wow!

Kiira on a huge poster at Shinjuku station, Tokyo, Japan.

Plan gala: Because I’m a girl

On 13th of April 2011 Kiira performed two gala shows in a fund raising event held for girls living in developing countries.

Thanks Roikale95 for the video!

Nationals: Kiira wins Finnish championship!

Kiira just finished first also in the Free Skating with a record score of 110.94 points. This gave her the total score of 172.43. Of course these points are not comparable to ISU event scores.

Award ceremony. © Tomas Whitehouse.

Award ceremony. © Tomas Whitehouse.

Congratulations for the victory!

A nice Christmas present!

FPl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Kiira KORPI TAPTL 172.43 1 1
2 Beata PAPP HERME 125.36 2 3
3 Cecilia TÖRN TTK 123.61 6 2
4 Alisa MIKONSAARI LL 119.91 5 4
5 Minna PARVIAINEN ETK 116.97 3 5
6 Reetta ROMPPANEN LTL 115.78 4 7
7 Henriikka HIETANIEMI HL 108.20 8 6
8 Riina VARJOKARI HL 100.74 7 9
9 Helena STENBACKA ETK 98.71 9 8
10 Janna-Juulia VUORELA HTL 84.35 10 10

Detailed results here, and judges scores here.

Nationals: Kiira is first after SP

Kiira is first after the Short Program with a score of 61.49.

FPl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Kiira KORPI TAPTL 61.49 1
2 Beata PAPP HERME 45.27 2
3 Minna PARVIAINEN ETK 44.61 3
4 Reetta ROMPPANEN LTL 44.02 4
5 Alisa MIKONSAARI LL 43.03 5
6 Cecilia TÖRN TTK 41.72 6
7 Riina VARJOKARI HL 38.09 7
8 Henriikka HIETANIEMI HL 36.24 8
9 Helena STENBACKA ETK 31.10 9
10 Janna-Juulia VUORELA HTL 30.26 10

Detailed results here, and judges scores here.

Nationals 2011

This weekend (17-19th December) will be held Finnish Championships in Turku.

Finnish National Championships 2011 poster

Last news, they say Laura Lepisto won’t going to take part in this competition, because of her persistent problems to achilles: she will try to recover in time for Euros. Without Laura, I think should be impossible to save three spots for Finland. But this could be a great chance for many young skaters, especially for Beata Papp.

Go for gold, Kiira!