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Tänään on erityinen päivä…

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Kiira!

Bachelor’s degree!

Many congrats from all of us!!

Long live Libras!

So many wishes on this day from all of us, Kiira!


While still waiting for the english version of your bio you promised (…), here below some suggestions to worthily celebrate it…

Now you’re 30!!


And a little tip for all your September 26’s breakfasts…

A special birthday gift…

Next 26th of September, Kiira will celebrate her 30th anniversary… and as a special gift to herself, in the same day will be officially edited “Kiira – Ehjäksi särkynyt“, an autobiography written together with Jere Nurminen, a YLE’s journalist, famous sport author.

Actually, it can be already found i.e. here below:–77

I don’t know if there’s an english edition of that: please, someone could tell?

Further, she decided to continue her studies at College, trying to get a Master in Psycology in New York, resuming those interrupted in Tampere University. Her sister Petra – with the husband – moved to New York as well.

Onnea paljon, Kiira!

In few hours, Kiira’s going to start a new life, after her marriage with Arthur.
From all of us fans, from the bottom of our hearts…

Parhaat toiveet uudesta tulevasta elämästä täynnä onnellisuutta!!

WC in Milan: Osmond carries the day

Canadian Kaetlyn Osmond is the gold medallist at World Championship in Italy (Assago Forum): two japanese athletes forerun with few points the local favorite, italian Carolina Kostner.

Pl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Kaetlyn OSMOND CAN 223.23 4 1
2 Wakaba HIGUCHI JPN 210.90 8 2
3 Satoko MIYAHARA JPN 210.08 3 3
4 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 208.88 1 5
5 Alina ZAGITOVA RUS 207.72 2 7
6 Bradie TENNELL USA 199.89 7 4
7 Gabrielle DALEMAN CAN 196.72 6 8
8 Maria SOTSKOVA RUS 196.61 5 9
9 Loena HENDRICKX BEL 192.31 10 6
10 Mirai NAGASU USA 187.52 9 11

World Championships: Kostner leads after SP

After the Short Program at World Championships in Milan (Italy), italian Carolina Kostner is leading despite of her age (31 y.o.). Here below, the whole table:

Pl. Name Nation Points
1 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 80.27
2 Alina ZAGITOVA RUS 79.51
3 Satoko MIYAHARA JPN 74.36
4 Kaetlyn OSMOND CAN 72.73
5 Maria SOTSKOVA RUS 71.80
6 Gabrielle DALEMAN CAN 71.61
7 Bradie TENNELL USA 68.76
8 Wakaba HIGUCHI JPN 65.89
9 Mirai NAGASU USA 65.21
10 Loena HENDRICKX BEL 64.07

Villars & Courmayeur

Some clips from the year’s end shows in Switzerland and Italy, performed on the same music (and dress): “The promise”.

Christmas on Ice 2017

A clip from the show held last weekend in Yokohama (Japan), with Kiira’s exhibition.