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Kiira will skip European Championships!

Due to an infection in left leg’s achilles after Christmas, Kiira is still not able to skate, and have not been able to skate for 2½ weeks. The infection is already healing, but she and her coaches have already made the decision not to take part in the Europeans. It would not be wise to skate there without no practice at all. Now it is best to concentrate on treatment and physiotherapy, and the target is already the Worlds next March in Canada.

Her place in the Europeans this year will be taken by Alisa Mikonsaari. Finland’s another skater for ladies is Juulia Turkkila.

Source: Finnish Figure Skating Association press release.

As reported today in Finnish newspapers:


[Euros 2012] Pictures

Pictures courtesy of Marc Rohde.

Kiira skips Finlandia Trophy

According to Helsingin Sanomat, Kiira will skip Finlandia Trophy because of injury. She hurt her metatarsus during a training camp in Canada last summer. Latest news is that Kiira will start her season in NHK Trophy on 11-13 November 2011. Minna Parviainen will substitute Kiira in Finlandia Trophy.

All That Skate Summer 2011

Kiira performed in the All That Skate event in Korea with Yu-Na Kim and others. This post will collect videos and pictures from that event.

You And I

Cry me a river


Kiira on Japanese NHK TV programs

Kiira is frequently appearing on promotional videos for “Nordic Special” TV programs by NHK, Japanese public broadcasting organization – as you know, one of organizers of NHK Trophy (the other organizer is Japan Skating Federation).

In the videos, Kiira says “shi-a-wa-se” which means “Happiness” in Japanese.

“Nordic Special – from countries of happiness -” programs will be started from Sat, 23 to Sun, 31 July and they will introduce the charms of 5 Nordic countries with 70 programs for 80 hours.


Yesterday, I found a really huge poster of Kiira at Shinjuku station in Tokyo! Wow!

Kiira on a huge poster at Shinjuku station, Tokyo, Japan.

Plan gala: Because I’m a girl

On 13th of April 2011 Kiira performed two gala shows in a fund raising event held for girls living in developing countries.

Thanks Roikale95 for the video!

[Worlds 2011] Moved To Moscow, April 24 – May 1

Yes, ISU decided the replacement place and date:

Worlds 2011 will be held in Moscow, Russia on April 24 – May 1, 2011.

Though it’s not in Turku, it’s nice to be held so soon – only one month’s delay.
Imagine, postponed to October even not in Japan… no way.

It’s sure Kiira will participate but how about Laura?
Is she in?

…will be updated!


ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2011
24 Mar 2011 11:48

In its statement of March 21, 2011 the ISU communicated the decision of the Japan Skating Federation (JSF) to decline holding the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2011, initially allotted to the JSF and scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan this week.

In the meantime, the ISU has received applications to hold the Event during the months of April or May of this year from its Member federations in Austria (Graz), Canada (Vancouver), Croatia (Zagreb), Finland (Turku), Russia (Moscow) and USA (Colorado Springs or Lake Placid).

The ISU thanks those Member federations for their spontaneous reaction during these truly dramatic and exceptional circumstances emanating from the crisis in Japan and highly appreciates their efforts for having prepared an application on such short notice. The ISU reiterates that in the light of the dramatic situation in Japan the staging of sporting events becomes relatively secondary and a solution satisfying all involved is extremely difficult. Nevertheless, it is in the best interest of the ISU and its Members to hold the Championships as soon as possible.

The ISU has reviewed all applications received and after careful evaluation the ISU Council decided to allot the Championships to the Figure Skating Federation of Russia, to be held in the Megasport Arena in Moscow/Russia, on April 24-May 1, 2011.

The organization of this major Event with little time to prepare will require a high level effort from the Figure Skating Federation of Russia which has assured the ISU of its full cooperation including in areas such as easy access to entry visas and security. The preparation for the updating of all relevant details (time schedule, Announcement, entry confirmations etc) have already begun and the ISU will revert as soon as possible with the necessary information.

Under these extraordinary circumstances the ISU asks for the full cooperation and understanding of the skating community and all involved entities in making this a successful Event. The full cooperation of all participating ISU Member federations hopefully attending in full strength will be of utmost importance.

Finally, the ISU is convinced that the Japanese delegation coming to Moscow deserves and will receive special attention and respect. At a time like this, words cannot express feelings but the ISU wants to let the skating friends of the Japan Skating Federation and the people of Japan know that the thoughts and wishes of the Skating family continue to remain with them.

Ottavio Cinquanta                                         Fredi Schmid
President                                                     Director General

[Worlds 2011] Moving Worlds to another place

ISU announced a new statement about Worlds 2011 and WTT 2011.

At the moment, the following cities (in random order) seem possible host places of Worlds 2011:

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Lake Placid or Colorado Springs, USA
  • Helsinki, Turku or Tampere, Finland (Wow!)
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Graz, Austria
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Oberstdorf, Germany
  • Gangneung, South Korea
  • Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Torino, Italy

    Another news from YLE

    News from Aamulehti

    A column by Philip Hersh/Chicago Tribune


    will be updated!

    ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2011 – ISU World Team Trophy 2011

    21 Mar 2011 07:04

    Since the outbreak of the crisis, the ISU was and remains in close contact with the Japan Skating Federation (JSF) who in turn did likewise with the competent Japanese authorities. After having explored all possible options to maintain the 2011 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Japan, the JSF has now informed the ISU that regretfully and reluctantly they must decline hosting the Championships in Japan. Also, the JSF agreed to the postponement of the ISU World Team Trophy initially scheduled to be held in April 2011 to be held instead in April 2012 in Japan at a place and exact dates to be agreed upon. The ISU agrees with this conclusion.

    While the ISU gave priority to find a solution to keep the 2011 ISU World Figure Skating Championship in Japan, the ISU fully understands the JSF decision. As we all struggle to come to terms with the unimaginable tragedies following the monstrous earthquake of March 11, the ISU reiterates its expressions of grief and sympathy to all those affected by loss of life, injury and loss of homes. The ISU admires the resilience, strength of character and faith of the Japanese people in recovering from this tragedy.

    In light of this catastrophe, the consequences on sports events and in particular the ISU World Figure Skating Championships and ISU World Team Trophy become relatively secondary. Nevertheless, it is the ISU’s duty to find the best possible solution for a possible rescheduling and relocation of the Events taking into account all points of view.

    Based on spontaneous proposals from ISU Member federations received to host the Championships and possibly additional Members who might be interested and available, the ISU Council is evaluating the different options taking into account all relevant aspects and points of view. This primarily involves the tremendous logistical challenge to organize and conduct such major Event on short notice. Also, the Council cannot ignore legal and contractual constraints as well as timing conflicts with other skating or sporting events.

    Considering the scope and complexity of the situation, quick evaluations and decisions were and remain extremely difficult to make and the ISU counts on the understanding of the Figure Skating community for taking a minimum but reasonable amount of time to reach conclusions in cooperation with the concerned ISU Members and entities.

    The ISU Council is conscious that a solution satisfying all points of view is probably difficult to be achieved and begs all involved for their understanding and cooperation in these truly exceptional circumstances.

    An update of the situation will be communicated in the coming days.

    Ottavio Cinquanta          Fredi Schmid
    President                        Director General


    [Worlds 2011] Worlds in Tokyo will be postponed

    According to the statement by ISU(below) and some news,
    Worlds 2011 in Tokyo will be at least postponed (maybe to April) or finally canceled.

    Japan Earthquake/Tsunami
    14 Mar 2011 06:53

    ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2011 Tokyo

    Lausanne, March 14, 2011
    Taking into account the continued critical developments in Japan, the ISU’s primary concern for the safety of all participants, spectators and members of concerned entities as well as the travel advisories from many governments to avoid travel to Japan until the situation is settled, the ISU in consultation and agreement with the Japan Skating Federation (JSF) and in line with the advise of the Japanese authorities, has concluded that the staging of the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2011 scheduled to be held on March 21-27, 2011 is not possible and the Championships will not be held during that time.The postponement of the Event or alternatively the final cancellation is under evaluation. 

    The same applies to the ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating scheduled to be held in Yokohama on April 14-17, 2011.

    It is understood that a postponement of the above-mentioned World Championships as well as the holding of the ISU World Team Trophy is subject to the confirmation by the competent Japanese authorities that the situation is back to normal conditions allowing the safe conduct of major ISU sports Events in the Tokyo area.

    As soon as the situation in this respect has been finalized, the ISU will inform all parties concerned of the decision taken.

    Ottavio Cinquanta               Fredi Schmid
    President                             Director General


    …will be updated later!


    [Worlds 2011] Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

    Thanks for worrying about my safety. Yes, I’m alright in Tokyo.
    Here is the first report from ISU about conditions in Tokyo. For now, the competition seems to be held.

    Earthquake, Tsunami in Japan
    11 Mar 2011 10:32

    As you probably are aware an earthquake and a so defined Tsunami hit the territory of Japan today March 11, 2011.
    The ISU received an e-mail message from the head office of the Japan Skating Federation (JSF) informing that one of their representatives had visited Yoyogi stadium and considered it suitable to host the World Figure Skating Championships 2010/11.
    The said communication from the (JSF) informs that the situation in Tokyo is settled and seems to be in-line for conducting the Championships.
    However the message of the head office of the JSF points out that the Narita Airport is closed.
    Further information will be given to the ISU by the JSF, in the meantime the ISU wishes to remind that the ISU World Figure Skating Championships are scheduled to commence with the practice sessions on March 20, 2011.
    The ISU, while expressing its sympathy to the Japan entities, is confident that the local conditions will permit to regularly conduct the Event.
    The ISU is planning to issue another Communication in the next days.

    Ottavio Cinquanta
    ISU President

    The following photos are what I happened while I went home by foot.

    No trains running

    People stand in line to buy a new bicycle (!) to go home (!!)

    People at Shinjuku station who gave up to go home tonight.

    Walking to the gates of restored railway at Shinjuku Station

    No rice balls neither sandwiches in stock at convenience stores. Neither Alkarine batteries for charging mobile phones.

    Office workers who can not go home rest at the lobby of their office building in Shinjuku.