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Kiira presents figure skating in Yle olympic television

The Finnish broadcasting company is presenting different winter Olympic sports in their television coverage of Vancouver 2010 with the help of Finnish Olympic athletes and a young television host. Figure skating was featured last week, and the athlete presenting it was Kiira. The video has been recorded before Olympics in Hakametsä ice hall in Tampere where Kiira usually practices.

New interview 20/02/2010

Here’s a new interview of Kiira in Vancouver, made yesterday (Saturday, February 20th). She seems to be in very good spirits and says that her practice skates have gone well. Not really new info there, but nice to see her feeling so confident and expecting the competition.

Kiira in February 2010 issue of "Gloria"

I already uploaded these to the Forum, but in order to have the files stored also in this site, here they are again. There is an altogether 6-page article of her in this Finnish women’s/fashion magazine (+ cover). The article is mostly about Kiira’s presence in media, peoples’ perception of her, her image – also with a fashion viewpoint. Overall tone is quite positive, at least neutral, but there is very little input from Kiira herself – it doesn’t include proper interview, just few quotes. The pictures, however, are very nice – although to my liking, too much photoshopped.

Credit: Gloria, February 2010. Photographs by: Nina Merikallio / Stylist: Teri Niitti (article is written by Sami Sykkö)

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Cover


Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 1

Kiira Korpi 1

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 2

Kiira Korpi 2

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 3

Kiira Korpi 3

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 4

Kiira Korpi 4

Euros 2010 Kiira is 2nd after SP

Kiira Korpi is in 2nd after SP with her personal best score 64.26 at the European Championships 2010 in Tallin.

Media Coverages:

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Sports gala 2010

The annual Finnish sports gala was held yesterday at the Hartwall Areena in Helsinki. This year Kiira wasn’t nominated for any awards but she did announce one award winner. Laura Lepistö instead was nominated for the most rousing sports event of last year, but she didn’t win – instead the award went to cross country skier Aino-Kaisa Saarinen.

Holiday greetings

Happy holidays to all our readers! Today MTV3 aired a short interview after the sports news about Kiira’s christmas plans.

Kiira voted as best athlete from Tampere

Tommi Evilä, Kiira Korpi and Annika Urvikko. Picture: Pekka Saarinen - Aamulehti

Kiira was voted as the best athlete from Tampere today by the association of sport reporters of Tampere. This was the 50th time this poll was conducted. Long jumper Tommi Evilä got the second most votes and gymnast Annika Orvikko the thirst most. Kiira was awarded a challenge cup designed by Kalle Kaihari.

Campaigning for swine flu vaccination

Kiira is appearing in a video to support swine flu vaccinations made for the Finnish national institute for health and welfare.

Interview before the Nationals

The Finnish Nationals are being held next weekend in Jyväskylä. There is no strict requirements for points, since the two places for the Olympics are given based on success in the Europeans next January in Tallinn, Estonia.

Kiira attended Valio‘s press conference in Valio Ice Cream Bar in Kamppi shopping center in Helsinki. Here is a short interview from Nelonen sport news which was aired 10th of December 2009. Remember to turn on English subtitles.