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Kiira in February 2010 issue of "Gloria"

I already uploaded these to the Forum, but in order to have the files stored also in this site, here they are again. There is an altogether 6-page article of her in this Finnish women’s/fashion magazine (+ cover). The article is mostly about Kiira’s presence in media, peoples’ perception of her, her image – also with a fashion viewpoint. Overall tone is quite positive, at least neutral, but there is very little input from Kiira herself – it doesn’t include proper interview, just few quotes. The pictures, however, are very nice – although to my liking, too much photoshopped.

Credit: Gloria, February 2010. Photographs by: Nina Merikallio / Stylist: Teri Niitti (article is written by Sami Sykkö)

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Cover


Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 1

Kiira Korpi 1

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 2

Kiira Korpi 2

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 3

Kiira Korpi 3

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 4

Kiira Korpi 4

Euros 2010 Kiira was 4th overall

Ladies free skating of Euros 2010 was over.
Kiira Korpi fell and had couple of other mistakes. Got 99.42 points for FS and fell down to fourth in final standings. Only 0.86 points from third.

Kiira will go to Vancouver with her Finnish team mate Laura Lepistö.

Congrats, Kiira and Laura!

Video of Free Skate (HD):

Interview with translation after Free Skate (Thanks Roikale95!):

Media Coverage

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Euros 2010 Kiira is 2nd after SP

Kiira Korpi is in 2nd after SP with her personal best score 64.26 at the European Championships 2010 in Tallin.

Media Coverages:

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Kiira voted as best athlete from Tampere

Tommi Evilä, Kiira Korpi and Annika Urvikko. Picture: Pekka Saarinen - Aamulehti

Kiira was voted as the best athlete from Tampere today by the association of sport reporters of Tampere. This was the 50th time this poll was conducted. Long jumper Tommi Evilä got the second most votes and gymnast Annika Orvikko the thirst most. Kiira was awarded a challenge cup designed by Kalle Kaihari.

Finlandia Trophy 2009 Kiira Got Bronze!

Kiira Korpi performs her FS program in Finlandia Trophy 2009 / Photo: Ilta-Sanomat - Lehtikuva
Finally, Kiira Korpi got the Bronze medal at Finlandia Trophy 2009!

Congrats, Kiira!

News Coverage:

(to be continued…)

Final Results:

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Finlandia Trophy 2009 SP results

Kiira is second after Short Program!

Kiira Korpi performs her short program in Finlandia Trophy 2009

Kiira got 54,71 points from the short program although she fell the first jump, and is second after Russia’s Alena Leonova. Susanna Pöykiö is third and Laura Lepistö is sixth.

See here official results and detailed scores of the SP.

News coverage:

Results after SP:

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Updates on the official site

There is a new Finnish blog entry (still waiting the previous entry in English, in the meantime here is a machine translation) on the official site at regarding the outcome of the Nebelhorn Trophy and four five new pictures from the Nebelhorn Trophy.

New article in Terveystalo magazine

Terveystalo magazine coverToday published magazine called Terveystalo includes an article of Kiira where the last season’s health issues are discussed.

Terveystalo is a magazine for customers of health services company called Terveystalo.

Kiira got Silver medal at Nebelhorn Trophy!


As you know, Kiira got the Silver Medal from Nebelhorn Trophy 2009.
She finished 2nd after being 2nd in short program and 4th in free skating.

Congrats, Kiira!

Best wishes for this season with a good start and
thanks Kiira for the *counter* birthday present for us!

Short Program
Short Program (Picture: Absolute Skating)

Competition programs:

Exhibition program:

Medal ceremony:

Anyone who knows more information such as interviews, photos, vids…,
please update this entry.

Music for Short Program
Music by Ikuko Kawai

  • Caravan
  • Wuthering Heights

Interview and pictures

News coverage after short program:

News coverage after the event:

Results of short program:

Results of free skating:

Final Results:

Judges Scores (pdf):

FPl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Alissa CZISNY USA 151.4 1 6
2 Kiira KORPI FIN 150.01 2 4
3 Yan LIU CHN 147.87 5 1
4 Julia SEBESTYEN HUN 146.76 3 2
5 Teodora POSTIC SLO 139.97 6 3
6 Miriam ZIEGLER AUT 132.38 4 11
7 Sarah HECKEN GER 130.73 7 8