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Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Kiira!

So many wishes from all of us!
Paljon onnea vaan!

ome back soon, and kick some ass!

Incoming season

Due to last season, completely skipped because of her injury, Kiira won’t take part in next ISU Grand Prix events:

So, probably she’ll select some of new “ISU Challenger Series“: 11 competitions to get more points for ranking (but only for best 5 classified!), and in addition winners can substitute some skater who’d miss a Grand Prix’s event. It’s allowed a maximum of three, and there’s a money award not so insignificant as well.
But, at the moment, didn’t have been too many entries for these Series, so ISU decided to reduce the required number, from 15 to 8. First three competitions will be held in September:

USA –  International Figure Skating Classic, Salt Lake City (from 10/09 to 14/09)
Italy – Lombardia Trophy, Sesto San Giovanni, Milan (from 18/09 to 21/09)
Germany – Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf (from 25/09 to 27/09)

Which one of these will be chosen by Kiira for coming back?

Good news about Kiira!

On Finnish Figure Skating Federation official website

some news about future Kiira’s plans: her injury is finally healthy, and now she’s ready to go back to Lake Arrowhead to continue training with Rafael Arutyunyan, before moving to Toronto in July for a new FS program with her choreographer Shae Lynn Bourne.
Here some Kiira’s cheers (thanks to Elina Paasonen)!

ISU Grand Prix 2014

Following, dates of six next ISU Grand Prix qualifying rounds and Finals:

24/10 – 26/10 : Skate America (Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA)
31/10 – 02/11 : Skate Canada (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)
07/11 – 09/11 : Cup of China (Shanghai, China)
14/11 – 16/11 : Rostelecom Cup (Moscow, Russia)
21/11 – 23/11 : Trophée Eric Bompard (Bordeaux, France)
28/11 – 30/11 : NHK Trophy (Osaka, Japan)

11/12-14/12 : Grand Prix Final (Barcelona, Spain)

Entries parameters should be the same of previous season: so, a total of 60 competitors should be chosen reckoning the last Worlds table.
According to this, and considering the likely default of Kostner, Kim, Asada and Suzuki, these are the only athletes who’ll take part for sure in two events:

Lipnitskaia (RUS), Pogorilaya (RUS), Gold (USA), Wagner (USA), Edmunds (USA), Park (KOR), Murakami (JPN), Osmond (CAN), Weinzierl (GER), Daleman (CAN), Helgesson J. (SWE), Meite (FRA).

All others will be selected by Top 24 World Standing order and Top 24 Season Best order:

Sotnikova (RUS), Radionova (RUS), Marchei (ITA), Tuktamysheva (RUS), Imai (JPN), Li (CHN), Helgesson V. (SWE), Miyahara (JPN), Gao (USA), Zawadzki (USA), Hicks (USA), Korpi (FIN), Nagasu (USA), Leonova (RUS).

All of them, Kiira included, at the moment are still not sure to compete in two events,  but their odds are very high anyway.

ISU Challenger Series

A new communication by ISU (1858), introducing a change in Figure Skating:

In my opinion, one of really few good ideas by Mr. Cinquanta:
about all the rest, better forget…

Worlds in Saitama: results

Mao Asada is the new World Champion!

Pl. Name Nation Points
1 Mao ASADA JPN 216.69
ITA 207.50
3 Carolina KOSTNER RUS 203.83
4 Anna POGORILAYA RUS 197.50
5 Gracie GOLD USA 194.58
6 Akiko SUZUKI JPN 193.72
7 Ashley WAGNER USA 193.16
8 Polina EDMUNDS USA 187.50
9 So Youn PARK
KOR 176.61
10 Kanako MURAKAMI JPN 172.44

Season’s over

Now it’s official: Kiira’s season is over. Well, it never really started: but according to this article on Finnish Figure Skating Federation website
her withdraw from Worlds in Saitama is now definite.
Her rehabilitation from Achille’s injury is actually keeping on in Munich, under the supervision of famous german specialist Müller-Wohlfahrt, who already’s following many other athletes like Usain Bolt and National Team Soccer of Germany. With the co-operation of portuguese coach Carlos Ávila de Borba regarding physical side, Kiira’s main goal at this moment is fully recovering from her previous injury, in order to avoid future problems, and then going back to Lake Arrowhead later in the spring, to progress on technical programs for new incoming season. The first competition she’ll can take part in should be Finlandia Trophy in Espoo, next fall, from 10 to 12 of October.
Anyway, she’ll be present in Japan, from 26 to 30 of March, because of Finnair’s tasks.


Future programs: no Worlds?

According to this article on YLE
Kiira most likely won’t be present at ISU Worlds in Japan, at the end of March: at the moment she’s practising on ice, but still no jumps on it, and her physical training is followed by a portuguese tennis coach, who already worked with Carolina Kostner and Mao Asada. In Kiira’s plans, technical aspects will be refined with coach Rafael Arutyunyan in March, when she’ll get back to Lake Arrowhead.
So, Kiira should skip the whole season: despite the encouraging opinions of portuguese Avila De Borba, this could be a relevant problem for her career. As we could see in the past, even recent, Kiira’s a fighter, and for sure she’s now suitably training, but… young Russian girls are running up at incredible speed, and even Ashley Wagner, who’s sharing same coach with Kiira, has been forced to modify her programs, ’cause latest results haven’t been so satisfying.
Well… only time will tell. So c’mon Kiira, wishing you the podium one more time!

Europeans in Budapest: results

As we already knew, Kiira skipped European Championships too: following, final results.
Russian Julia Lipnitskaia is the new European queen!

Pl. Name Nation Points
1 Julia LIPNITSKAIA RUS 209.72
2 Adelina SOTNIKOVA RUS 202.36
3 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 191.39
4 Alena LEONOVA RUS 178.15
5 Mae Berenice MEITE FRA 173.37
6 Valentina MARCHEI ITA 165.25
7 Elena GLEBOVA EST 155.71
8 Nathalie WEINZIERL GER 151.88
9 Joshi HELGESSON SWE 146.45
11 Roberta RODEGHIERO ITA 141.25
12 Juulia TURKKILA FIN 140.31

Finnish Nationals without Kiira

Kiira won’t defend her title, won last year for the 4th time in career, this year in Espoo, from 13th to 15th of December. Following, final results:

1 Juulia TURKKILA HL 147.34
2 Liubov EFIMENKO LTL 141.23
3 Emilia TOIKKANEN HL 131.26
4 Olivia TUUVA LL 121.86
5 Seidi RANTANEN ESJT 120.19
6 Beata PAPP KUTA 119.37
7 Sera VÄISTÖ TAPTL 118.45
8 Timila SHRESTHA JTL 106.94
9 Helena STENBACKA ETK 104.41
10 Nea VIIRI ESJT 102.62
11 Eveliina VILJANEN PORIT 102.18

Sera Väistö  represented Club Tappara Taitoluistelu.

Update: Juulia Turkkila is the new Finnish Champion, but at Junior Championships, Jenni Saarinen got a score (154,08) good for gold!