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Finnish Nationals without Kiira

Kiira won’t defend her title, won last year for the 4th time in career, this year in Espoo, from 13th to 15th of December. Following, final results:

1 Juulia TURKKILA HL 147.34
2 Liubov EFIMENKO LTL 141.23
3 Emilia TOIKKANEN HL 131.26
4 Olivia TUUVA LL 121.86
5 Seidi RANTANEN ESJT 120.19
6 Beata PAPP KUTA 119.37
7 Sera VÄISTÖ TAPTL 118.45
8 Timila SHRESTHA JTL 106.94
9 Helena STENBACKA ETK 104.41
10 Nea VIIRI ESJT 102.62
11 Eveliina VILJANEN PORIT 102.18

Sera Väistö  represented Club Tappara Taitoluistelu.

Update: Juulia Turkkila is the new Finnish Champion, but at Junior Championships, Jenni Saarinen got a score (154,08) good for gold!


No Olympics for Kiira…

Due to 14th placement of Juulia Turkkila at Nebelhorn Trophy,

Finland won’t be represented (regarding Ladies Skating) at next Olympics in Sochi on February: most likely, next possible competition for Kiira could be European Championships in Budapest (Hungary), from 13rd  to 19th of January.

Pl. Name Nation Points
1 Elena RADIONOVA RUS 188.21
2 Miki ANDO JPN 162.86
3 Ashley CAIN USA 162.39
4 Veronik MALLET CAN 159.67
5 Brooklee HAN AUS 147.16
7 Anne Line GJERSEM NOR 142.87
8 Nathalie WEINZIERL GER 137.36
9 Kerstin FRANK AUT 137.03
10 Elizaveta UKOLOVA CZE 136.72
11 Elena GLEBOVA EST 134.74
12 Isadora WILLIAMS BRA 130.08
14 Juulia TURKKILA FIN 121.82

Happy 25th birthday, Kiira!

Many, many wishes from all of us!

Hyvaa syntymäpäivää!


Kiira will skip Nebelhorn Trophy & Grand Prix’s dates

Photo: Mikko Luukkaa

Photo: Mikko Luukkaa

As reported by Finnish Figure Skating Association, another injury (to Achilles again!) will prevent Kiira trying to get the Olympics pass for Finland at Nebelhorn Trophy, at the end of this month: her place will be taken by Juulia Turkkila. Kiira will continue her cares and rehab in Finland, but could be possible even a surgery, following a partial tear of left tendon.

In addition, Kiira’s name has been cancelled even from Skate Canada and Trophèe Eric Bompard, the two Grand Prix’s events: they’re both too close to hope in a complete recover.

New programs for Kiira

As reported by Finnish Figure Skating Association here,

Kiira has decided to change her usual coaches Susanna Haarala and Maaret Siromaa with Rafael Arutyunyan, known during a spring camp in Vierumäki. Probably, this decision were taken after meeting with Ashley Wagner in Toronto; the new SP will be skated on Beatles’ song “A day in the life”, in the Jeff Beck’s guitar version, choreography by canadian Jeffrey Buttle. The training will go on in Lake Arrowhead until next Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf at least, where she’ll try to reach the pass for Olympics in Sochi. “Once upon a time in America” will be the soundtrack of her FS.

Finlandia Trophy 2013

Here’s the next Finlandia Trophy’s poster, from 4th to 6th of October at Barona Areena in Espoo.

ISU GP 2013/2014

Here the entries announced by ISU about Grand Prix events of incoming season (minimum score allowed for ladies was 130.98 points):


Kiira will be in St. John, New Brunswick (Canada) from 25-27 October at Skate Canada, and in Paris (France) from 15-17 November at Trophée Eric Bompard (already won in 2010).

For a strange twist of fate, Yu-Na Kim and Christina Gao will take part in same competitions too…

Starat Jäällä 2013

Another show with Kiira and Laura, on April 14th in Rauma.


Kevätnäytös – Spring Show

On April, 7th Kiira took part in a show at Hakametsä Hall in Tampere, called “Helinä-keiju ja Talvililja”.


Here some pictures from the event.

Statistics FS

And this is the summary regarding FS.